….In this, and other worlds….

I’m interested in many things, too many things to be honest!

I find that my life never appears as focussed as others, Picasso just did what he did, he was an artist so he created with inspiring energy. Charles Dickens did what he did because he was a writer with a compassionate cause. The same goes for Billy Graham, Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, they all did what they did because it was the driving passion behind their lives.

There are times I have to paint because I want to and there are times I have the desire to write, but in the end I can’t really call myself a writer or a painter, but in some way I think of myself as an explorer…..

I’m an explorer of other worlds and I go there because I’m a collector.

I can visit an art gallery and find that I’ve come back with something I can put on my inner shelf, the way two colours mix to make me feel warm or the way something was cut out like a silhouette that causes me to question, who where and why.

I can visit an antique shop and find myself in contact with a soul I’ve never seen from an age gone by as I touch a Roman denaari or a  dented German helmet from the Great war. Sometimes I’ll take thoughts back with me  but sometimes objects or pictures too. So, I suppose I collect things and explore places and people and times that can’t be changed.

I wouldn’t call myself a “Jack of all trades and master of none” not a master but an apprentice of all things, and, as I make my pilgrimage, continue to move in this, and other worlds with the freedom and wonder of an inquisitive child.


~ by jackhawk1 on January 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “….In this, and other worlds….”

  1. I dig what you’re getting at!
    I’d like to hear more?

  2. This was written really well! I especially love the second paragraph. Very eloquent.

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